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What We Do

As Aksay Energy, in the solar energy sector; We provide services in engineering, project, approval, field application, roof application, agricultural irrigation applications, solar lighting applications, off-grid systems and all grid-connected systems (on-grid).
Project & Design


Single-line diagram, electrical and statical projects required for the application of unlicensed electricity generation in on-grid solar power plants are prepared by our experienced engineers.
In roof type and ground type applications, by making simulations in computer supported programs such as AEROTOOL and PVGIS and by calculating optimum panel quantity and panel angle, it is aimed to ensure the amortization of the investment in the shortest time. Our team, which designs unique projects for each site, does not use standard projects unlike the other companies.
Roof mechanical assembly of solar panels is subject to static project. The wind load and weight calculations that the panel will create on the roof are made by our expert engineer staff, and the reinforcement projects of risky and unbearable structures are also prepared by our engineers.


We provide a service to our investors from A to Z with our expert technical staff in unlicensed electricity generation plants. During the development phase of the grid connection, it is our priority to accelerate the project by preparing all the documents required for roof and land applications in accordance with the standards requested by the relevant distribution company. After the agreement, the first steps, which are an important stage in the realization of the project, are completed by our team, with the approval of the projects and the connection agreement.



Aksay Enerji, is a sales distributor of AEROCOMPACT which is one of the biggest companies in roof solar mounting systems production and project fields. We provide not only products but also solutions to all investors and EPC companies with the AEROCOMPACT models that steer the sector with their patented products on flat concrete roof, membrane roof, trapezoidal roof, tile roof and sandwich panel roof. With AEROCOMPAT products delivered from stock, we put into practice your SPP projects as soon as possible by providing high engineering service.


Aksay Enerji is the authorized dealer of Form Elektrik, the Turkey distributor of GROWATT inverters, which is among the top three most preferred inverter companies in the world. GROWATT inverters, which are distinguished from their competitors with their strong stock and extensive service network in on-grid and hybrid inverters, and all the optional features in other brands are offered as standard to investors with Growatt. GROWATT inverters, which are distinguished from their competitors in on-grid and hybrid inverters with their strong stock and extensive service network, are offered to investors as standard with all the optional features of other brands.

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Aksay Enerji supplies all materials required for a power plant from 3kW to 10mW. Aksay Enerji, with its strong stock infrastructure, supplies all materials used in the construction of a solar power plant such as Solar Panel, Inverter, Construction, DC Cable, AC Cable, Cable Tray, GES Panel, Connector and even warning signs for your domestic and international projects.